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Our partners


Institute for Education evaluation of Zürich university (IBE)

  Cantonal publisher of teaching aids St. Gallen   Multicheck

Research and advise in the areas of Learning and performance evaluation.
Scientific inputs during the conception of TestDrive.
For objective, valid and efficient tests.


The LMVSG distributes the products Stellwerk, Eprolog and Klassencockpit based on TestDrive in 16 cantons of Switzerland.
The test system team has many
years of experience and competence in the area of designing questions, conducting tests
and coordination of standardisation.


Specialised in the design of proficiency tests and their evaluation.
Its tests are used across sectors by large companies, increasing by small and medium sized businesses as well and by public institutions and individuals.
Many tests are based on TestDrive.



Professional software solutions for Sales, Marketing and Service based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
With interface to TestDrive.


We are looking for partners
in the areas of:
Content / publication: For jointly developing products based on TestDrive.
Sales and distribution: For marketing TestDrive in the various geographical and thematical markets.